Using microorganisms to clean up petroleum and VOC contamination,
respond to soil and groundwater contamination, and remediate wastewater

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R&D Projects

BioRangers collaborates with public institutions, private universities, and other parties to conduct bioremediation research.

R&D Results

Public R&D Assistance and Registrations in Japan

Year Description Name of Registering Institutions
2011 Project for assisting development of technology strategy programs and products for solving urban problems Metropolitan Government of Tokyo
2007 Joint research on soil remediation Tokyo Urban Environment and Pollution Liaison Committee
2006 NETIS (New Tech Information System) registration number: KT-060059
Technology for cleaning up oil contamination with complex biopreparations
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
2003 Environmental technology test model project for organic wastewater treatment for small enterprises Ministry of the Environment
2002 Rapid regional revitalization consortium R&D project for the development of highly efficient remediation technology using complex microorganisms to treat soil and groundwater contamination Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2001 Investigation on the development and dissemination of general-purpose groundwater decontamination equipment Ministry of the Environment

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