Using microorganisms to clean up petroleum and VOC contamination,
respond to soil and groundwater contamination, and remediate wastewater

BioRangers, Inc.

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BioRangers offers three services that respond to a wide array of needs in addressing oil and VOC contamination.

Oil and VOC contamination of soil, groundwater, and wastewater give rise to a wide variety of needs. Examples include safe and effective decontamination, remediating contaminated soil without having to perform major construction work, removal of VOCs while a plant remains in operation, and elimination of petroleum odor from wastewater. BioRangers responds to all of these needs with its unique Oppenheimer Remediation decontamination approach. We perform Treatability Testing to confirm that our remediation approach will be effective in addressing a specific customer's needs, and perform Soil and Groundwater Decontamination Services and Wastewater Services to clean up oil and VOC contamination with the power of microorganisms. If you have a problem with oil or VOC contamination, call on BioRangers - Japan's leading provider of solutions for oil- and VOC-related decontamination needs.

Treatability Testing
Soil and Groundwater Decontamination Services
Wastewater Treatment Services

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