Using microorganisms to clean up petroleum and VOC contamination,
respond to soil and groundwater contamination, and remediate wastewater

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Soil and Groundwater Decontamination Services

We decontaminate soil and groundwater safely, reliably, and swiftly with a highly effective remediation approach.

Service Description

BioRangers has used bioremediation to perform more projects for decontamination of oil-polluted soil and groundwater than anyone else in Japan. What has made that possible is our unique Oppenheimer Bioremediation approach.

The Oppenheimer Bioremediation approach combines the Oppenheimer Formula, a complex biopreparation offering high decomposition effectiveness and low environmental impact, with bioaugmentation, the most efficient bioremediation method. Enabling decontamination in much shorter timeframes than past bioremediation approaches and using microorganisms with no negative impact on ecosystems, the Oppenheimer Bioremediation approach decontaminates soil and groundwater safely and reliably within a short timeframe.

Excellent Cost Performance Requiring only the addition of the biopreparation and microorganism nutrients, and no major investment in facilities, or transfer of soil to an off-site location, cost performance is excellent.
Reliable Remediation With the addition of microorganisms highly effective against soil and groundwater contamination in "bioaugmentation," remediation is assured.
Low Environmental Impact The microorganisms added to the contaminated soil or groundwater break pollutants down into water and CO2, and then naturally die off with no impact on the soil or groundwater ecosystems.

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Service Flow

Before any bioremediation work is actually conducted, we perform treatability testing to confirm biopreparation effectiveness. If effectiveness is indicated, we estimate the time and cost of completing a remediation project. We handle all project preparations, as well as the actual bioremediation work, and our performance of all functions beginning with treatability testing, proceeding through project preparation, implementation, and monitoring means customers receive economically priced services performed with excellent reliability.

* Outside companies may be engaged to perform preparatory work depending on the extent of work required.

Decontaminating soilDecontaminating soil


Biopreparation effectiveness against the pollutants in the soil or groundwater sample provided is verified in treatability testing.

Consultation Remediation Plan Proposal

Through meticulous consultation and an on-site survey, we develop and propose a remediation plan optimal for the customer's needs.


We perform preparatory work in accordance with the remediation plan, and take responsibility for ensuring the proper conditions are established for project implementation.


We periodically take samples and measure remediation effectiveness, and take steps like adding microorganism nutrients or biopreparation as needed.

Decontamination Completion

Decontamination work is deemed completed when the results of regular monitoring indicate that pollutant levels have been reduced, and are holding steady below, regulatory levels.

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Decontamination Methods

We recommend the decontamination method most effective for a given case based on meticulous site examinations and customer consultations.

Soil and Groundwater Decontamination Methods

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